Firm Profile

For over 49 years we have advised, counseled and represented ocean common carriers, shippers, non-vessel-operating common carriers (NVOCCs), freight forwarders, marine terminal operators, and public port authorities on business, statutory, regulatory and transactional matters arising under maritime, surface transportation and related statutes.Hoppel, Mayer & Coleman’s partners, Neal M. Mayer (302-945-8991) and Paul D. Coleman (301-460-0035) have worked together since 1973. Using the best technology available we are able to communicate and collaborate to assure that our clients get prompt, accurate advice and the benefit of our time-tested judgment on the issues presented.

Hoppel, Mayer & Coleman counsels and advises ocean common carriers, NVOCCs, ocean freight forwarders, motor carriers, warehouse operators, public port authorities, marine terminal operators, chassis leasing companies, and purchasers (shippers or consignees) of ocean transportation services on statutory (Shipping Act of 1984, as amended) and regulatory matters before Federal regulatory agencies and with respect to their business, transactional and commercial matters. We provide advice on issues arising under laws and regulations administered by the Federal Maritime Commission, the U.S. Maritime Administration, the Bureau of Industry & Security, the Office of Foreign Assets Control, Customs and Border Patrol, the Surface Transportation Board and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Since December 2005 we have worked from our home offices while maintaining a virtual office in Washington, DC. This has allowed us to significantly reduce our overheads, to better manage our time, and to provide our clients with the benefit of our knowledge and expertise while keeping our hourly rates fair and reasonable.

Hoppel, Mayer & Coleman is the successor to Coles & Goertner which was founded by the late Marvin J. Coles in 1951. Robert G. Hoppel, Jr. was hired in 1958.

Neal Mayer joined Coles & Goertner in 1966. Paul Coleman came aboard in 1973. The firm was renamed Hoppel, Mayer & Coleman in 1980.

Robert Hoppel retired in 1984.